Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Soccer fun

On Sabbath afternoon the Japanese kids come to the park near Koji's and Koji and Mi-chan and a bunch of the Japanese/American/Korean/whoever wants to join/ come and play soccer. I even joined once and was goal keeper. Here some of the boys are showing off their balance.

Nami and Sara also take their turn on the field.
Hey, that is my ball!
Okay, here is one for you too.

Goodbye to California

As the sun was rising, I had to kiss my kids goodbye and go to the airport to return to Japan. Nami got up in time to come say good bye.
Since K and K both had to go to work, JZ took me to the airport in his beautiful Fairlady Z. Great car and great guy.
Nami was determined to help me pack my carry on! Maybe she hoped she could come along?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Supper with Z....

One of the last nights in LL area, we were invited over to our friends house for a supper on the roof. I didn't know but Bob told Jack that he built this lovely deck on his roof after visiting Japan where he saw how they utilized space. They have a lovely view of the area from the roof and it is a nice place to have a private quiet supper. Shari had a lovely supper for us and of course we ate too much. They also had grown most of the veggies and a huge watermelon.

After supper, we spread out my new game, MILKY GOOWAY, on the floor and we played it for the first time. After my rules were followed and the game collapsed because of lack of time, I decided to change the rules quite a bit to make it easier to understand.
Nami was much more interested in the animals. She wanted to put her fingers in the cage, but they said that parrot bites so had to keep her quite a ways away. The cat was more successful.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nami cont.

Every girl must have her doll. Nami has Ai-chan (pronounced I). She can be so loving to her and yet there are other times when she would not survive if she were real.
Help me Mom, I want to ride the Daddy horse.
Hey, Nami, Mommy wants to ride the Daddy horse too.!
Oh, time to nap with Grammy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Redlands evening festival

Every Thursday evening in Redlands they close the main street to cars for a long stretch and everyone walks up and down. Lots of music, fun and stuff. Above I managed to catch a huge bubble in front of Nami.
There was a pet shop and we went to show Nami the dogs. She loves animals of all types.
I didn't get my free hug, but I think many people did go up for one.
Nami didn't even complain about being in the stroller.
Here Nami is watching the horse. We didn't think she was old enough for a ride yet.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jimbei outfit

At the LLU Day Care, they have these lovely little outside play area. Each room for each level has their own outside. Nami is now moved up to the 1 year olds who can toddle around. When I was there she was still in the infant, can't walk group. But they like the small kids to get outside too and slowly transfer up to the next level...especially when they have a Grammy to help watch them.
I brought this little yellow Hawaiian Jimbei suit from Japan for Nami and here she sits so proud of herself.
A Jimbei suit is a typical style of the Japanese where there are no buttons just some overlapping in front and ties. Usually worn in the hot weather around the house or to special festivals.
The food isn't coming fast enough for Nami here.
Back to her Day Care. Above she is showing her stance. The little boy is kind to her. Teachers here do not let bullying happen. Grandma Joni was telling me she took Nami to a shopping mall and the play area there and an 8 year old girl stepped on Nami's hand and told her to "get out, older kids rule". That would not happen here at this Christian Day Care.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

LLU Day Care

One year olds move out of the infant day care center to the toddlers. They are supposed to be walking to move over, but since it was a nice day and Nami is capable of taking care of herself, they started to move her over for part of the day. In this section they get to play outside. Here she is with a girl who looks almost like her!
Hey Grammy, come push us around again!
Why isn't this buggy moving?
So many places for the kids to go to and enjoy new toys. But when a teacher or volunteer worker (here me) sits down on a blanket many kids come over for hugs and a story or whatever.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Playing with Nami

Oh, she loves her bath. Her black/blue Mongolian spots don't show but she had alot. Her Dad didn't have any.
Okay, here I go. Should I drink or splash you? Hard to know what is running through her little sharp mind.
She doesn't even mind laying back on her back and trying to float. This makes it easier to wash her hair.
I found this wonderful book at a recycle shop and she loves it. But I must sing it instead of reading it. "Twinkle Twinkle little star...." The photos show how the stars twinkle all over the world.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

swap meet

Nami loves babies and animals. Notice her pointing finger. She does that when she wants to touch something.
Here Mi^chan is carrying Nami at the swap meet in SanBernadino. She was too restless to stay in the stroller and too heavy for me to carry.
She was almost too sleepy to enjoy this cute little puppy.
We wanted to buy this painting at the swap meet as it is a copy of a famous painting. Why we wanted to buy it was Koji had made the exact same copy and we wanted to buy this one and exchange it with Koji's to see if he could tell the difference! But the seller would not lower his price so we just took a photo of it instead.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Whenever there is a birthday, it seems everyone enjoys having a fun time together or spread it out over several different parties. In August I remember Ka-chan had 3 different times she could blow out the candles.
I love the way Nami stands. Gets her the great balance.
These two girls will be great friends when they both realize how much fun they could have together instead of always eyeing each other with caution.
Every Saturday afternoon the church kids and anyone who wants to joins with them to play soccer in a fun easy time. Here Nami decides to join in but she doesn't realize she can't use her hands. Notice she is sitting on the baseball.
Too much for Nami, and her favorite place to sleep is sleeping on Grammy's lap...this is after church and after eating lunch.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nami and friends

Here is one of Nami's favorite men friends who is actually Koji's high school classmate. Here he is taking on the pose of Nami's youngest boy friend, Joel (pronounced like whale in Spanish) his father is American (Spanish speaking) and mother is Japanese.
Nami like Joel, but doesn't want to share her Grammy with him.

OH, no you caught me in your suitcase. Really I never hurt anything.
Oh, it is nice to put something that is actually food in my mouth and it is sweet too.