Monday, September 6, 2010

One month off

There will be a silent month coming up as I'm heading off for Honolulu to take care of Nami this month with a bit over a week being spent flying up to Idaho to be with my 90 year old father.
I'll return in October to let you all in on my adventure.

Eating out with Ema

Chikuwan is my favorite restaurant in Kamakura. They specialize in SOba and GObo tempura. Here Ema is chewing on a gobo after we took off the fried batter.
believe me she will eat anything. I even gave her a taste of the lemon slice. She made a face but held out her hand so I gave it to her. SHe didn't taste it again, but tried to get her mom to try it.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Golf at Hayama

Andy took us to Hayama Kokusai Golf Club on Jack's birthday. It has to be one of my favorite golf sites. It is built in a place where almost nothing else could be so good for the eco system.
Courses are narrow and many up and down and on top of peaks.

We were taken by escalator and on a track in this 4 person cart around the course. Andy had a remote control to move the cart when no one was in it. It was impossible to get off the track and onto the fairways, so we did get in a lot of walking too.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Nami & Ema's Birthday presents

I finally finished embroidering and piecing together the sea theme jean quilts for my 2 granddaughter's birthdays. Here is Nami's. She will be 2 in September.

Ema will be 1 in October, but I will be over with Nami in Hawaii in September so had to finish Ema's early.