Sunday, August 30, 2009

Condo pool/tent hug

At the kids condo there is a pool and hot tub. Nami loves it but can only play on the step. Also the hot tub is off limits to babies so Koji just splashed the hot water up on her to warm her up while Ka-chan and I soaked in the warm tub.

Back at Huntington Beach the men are folding up the tents and end up in a bear hug.
I forgot that I have to post the photos backwards to get them in the right order. Sorry about the mix ups.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Watermelon fun

They had a fun game of taking a stick and blindfolding the kids and then having them turned around and turned loose to go hit the melon--hopefully to break it open so we could eat it.
First Koji gave them the example of how to do it....he missed completely and on purpose.
They started with the youngest and worked up to the rest. Here Ricki is coming close and below Naoko is even closer.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The ocean was fun. Baby even enjoyed putting her feet down in it. We took the body boards and enjoyed catching a few waves. Several fathers even surfed.
Met this guy on the beach walking his pet Iguana. Nami is interested in all animals so I took her over to see it and soon the whole gang came too. The Iguana has the name of Sparkle and the owner said he makes it a hobby to rescue Iguana who are mistreated (usually because the owner is ignorant of how to keep one) or abanded.

BBQ at Huntington Beach

The LL Japanese SDA Church group had a BBQ at Huntington Beach the first weekend I was back in California. There were about 30 of us that showed up.
Nami had her own private tent. However she wanted to be out in the action. The BBQ pits were near the parking lot, but the beach was so huge and hot it was hard to get from our tents and pits to the beach without burning our feet.
Koji had volunteered me to help him do the shopping for the food. We had hot dogs (veggie style) and baked potatoes.
Nami and her cousin hold a close conversation.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Water fun

Back in Japan again after 1 month in USA. For the next many posts I'll be showing a few highlights of my summer there. Above is a photo of my son, his wife and my precious granddaughter. This was her first time to the ocean. Huntington Beach in S. California.

Here I am with precious after she had a swim in the Loma Linda University pool.
Three babies and parents gathered for an afternoon of letting babies get wet in the pool. Below Nami is stripped down and Joel (pronounced like whale) is watching. His father is also American so he is also of mixed blood.
Three babies in the water. All loved it but guess who is the one who can go it without Mommy?